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Our Beginnings

GRUP TRUI was born in 1978 in a bar in the center of Palma de Mallorca where lovers of good music met to enjoy the only place that housed the best Jazz bands of the time. With the passage of time, it became the point of reference at a musical and local show level, which is why it decided to improve the quality of its technical equipment, with the aim of offering its attendees a better experience. In this way, little by little, TRUI was consolidating itself as the most emblematic place in terms of concerts and theater shows in Mallorca.

In 2001, TRUI took an important leap in the business world by acquiring Ferias Service, a company specializing in stand design and assembly of tents and furniture for fairs. Thanks to this merger, TRUI Estructuras was established, whose raison d'être lies in making all kinds of structures available to its clients for holding fairs, events and shows in small and large formats.

Our philosophy

The company TRUI Audiovisuales, although it is located in Mallorca, more specifically in the Marratxí industrial estate, offers its services to any space in the Balearic Islands that needs to hold an event or show. In addition, we have all the audiovisual resources available on the market so that our clients have at their fingertips the product they need to make their event or show a success.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the audiovisual world and we have always followed the same work philosophy: we want to be a collaborator of our client, advise them to achieve the best result and bring audio, video and lighting to any event that takes place. in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera; always with the maximum professionalism, guarantee and response that our client requires.

TRUI Audiovisuales is considered the company with the largest assortment of image, video and sound equipment on the islands, which is why it is capable of meeting the needs of any type of event that takes place in the Balearic archipelago. In fact, we have our own fleet of vehicles, ranging from large-capacity trucks to smaller vans, in order to deliver the requested audiovisual, lighting or visual effects equipment to our clients when and where they need it.

TRUI AUDIOVISUALES beyond an image

Audiovisual Services in Majorca

trui audivisulaes, alquiler equipos


High quality sound installation services for events. We have a team of professionals specialized in configuring sound systems for live events, from concerts and weddings to conferences and exhibitions.

alquiler equipos de audio y musicales en mallorca

Production services for video productions and live events. We have a team of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of making video productions and live events.

trui audivisulaes, alquiler equipos, efectos especiales

Lighting services for video productions, live events and architecture. We have a team of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of lighting.

equipos audivisuales en mallrca

Ofrecemos servicios de efectos especiales para producciones de video y eventos en vivo, incluyendo niebla, humo, fuegos artificiales, e-shorts, blaster Co2…

To whom are our services directed?


We offer a personalized service to companies with the objective of covering all the needs that they may have when launching an event; whether it is an opening, a gala dinner or a product presentation


We offer a personalised service for those individuals who need structures in order to organise an event in mallorca; whether it is a wedding, communion, baptism or any other type of celebration


We offer a personalised service to agencies so that they can offer their clients the rental and assembly of structures in mallorca to hold events or shows.


We offer a personalised service to hotels in order to cover all the needs they may have when organising an event; be it a show, a presentation, an inauguration, etc.

Partners and clients

Grup TRUI has 40 years of experience in the entertainment world in Mallorca and thanks to our background and work system, "With the union the future and improvement are created", we have managed to be the preferred option of almost the 100% of the most important companies in the Balearic archipelago. 

Beyond the Image

At TRUI Audiovisuales we offer you our rental service for all kinds of audiovisual technical equipment, both lighting and sound, LED screens, projection, microphones, what is necessary for simultaneous translation, among others and always with the support of the best team of expert professionals. in each of the areas.

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Our scenic space in Mallorca. A multifunctional space for holding conferences, presentations, plays, concerts, etc.

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Multifunctional enclosure

TRUI Son Fusteret is our outdoor multifunctional venue with a capacity of up to 20,000 people with an area of 97,000 m2, where all kinds of large-format events and shows can be organized. 

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The most extensive catalog on the island

TRUI HOTELS & ARTISTS has a wide range of options, more than 300 artists, visual shows and a long etcetera that we make available to our clients in the hospitality sector.

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The Perfect Partner of your Agency

With TRUI SERVICE TO MICE we provide a professional service to agencies in the MICE sector, organizing congresses, conversions, presentations and meetings of the business sector that travels to the Balearic Islands. Our possibilities allow agencies to offer a comprehensive service to their clients.

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Feim Trui

TRUI FIRES I FESTES is the area dedicated to the organization of commercial and image fairs, patron saint and traditional festivals carried out by institutions or large companies in the Balearic Islands.

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