We offer special effects services for events, with our team specialized in visual and mechanical effects. Some of the effects we offer include:


  • Drones: we offer shows and visual shows with professional drones with management, etc... etc... etc...
  • Fog and Smoke: We offer a wide variety of fog and smoke options to create mysterious and dramatic environments.
  • Fireworks: We offer a wide variety of fireworks options to add excitement to your event.
  • E-shorts: are a high powered electric flame that can be used in a variety of situations to add an impressive visual effect.
  • Co2 Blaster: It is a device that uses Co2 gas to launch jets of cold air, it can be used to simulate wind effects or to project confetti.
  • Tornado – A mechanical effect that simulates a tornado using a system of fans and fog.
  • Jet Co2 and Gun Short: they are devices used to emit jets of fog, Co2 and dry smoke.


All these effects are carefully designed and executed by our team of professionals to ensure that your event has an amazing visual impact.