Rental and Assembly of Platforms for Events

At TRUI ESTRUCTURAS we provide platform rental and assembly services for different types of events such as presentations, conferences or talks.

We have a wide range of platform options of different models, sizes and heights that adapt to all types of events.

All our platforms offer the possibility of being covered with coloured carpet or parquet.

The pallet models we work with are:

  • Rosco platform
  • Exhibition platform
  • Dance platform

Our Catalog of Pallets


Recommended for parties and events.

Platform characteristics:

  • Interchangeable leg type platform that has a strong 10 cm high high strength aluminum frame.
  • Composed of modules of 2×1 meters and adjustable in height.
  • Supports a load of 750 kg/mº.


Recommended for fairs and events.

Platform characteristics:

  • 8cm high wooden platform.
  • Suitable for covering any surface, adaptable to all sizes and the possibility of covering large surfaces.


Recommended for parties, weddings and ceremonies.

Platform characteristics:

  • We have platforms for dance floors and special flamenco platforms for sound optimization.

With the aim of providing our clients with everything they need for their show or event in Mallorca, in addition to platforms, we also have tents, stands, TRUSS, furniture, decoration and stands in our catalog of products. If you need help choosing, contact us, we will advise you.

You also have other services available such as: sale and assembly of structures both in Mallorca and in Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera.